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Release "Новая волна" (New wave) was first released in 1974 in the Soviet Union, in North America, Japan and South Korea and in many parts of Europe (except Denmark) on, as well as on other dates (see below). The game was made available as an audio cassette in 1979, but this cassette was probably not exported outside the Soviet Union. The CD-ROM version, in Russian and English, was first released in Russia and European parts of the USSR on. This version is also available in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Audio The audio cassette release was produced by Goskino. The recording contains four separate programs of music, each containing two to four choruses. The main programs are called "Наши мирные жизни" (Our peaceful lives), "Русская война" (Russian war), "Эмиграция" (Emigration) and "Новое путешествие" (New trip). A review in Music, Lifestyle and Entertainment calls the main programs a "slow down, reflect and think about various aspects of life" and "a gentle manifestation of the process of change that changed the system of the life of the Cossacks". All music was composed by Mikhail Gershenzon. Video The video release has three parts: "Новая волна" (New wave) contains the original video game on a monochrome VHS tape (part 1 and 2) and in a color VHS tape (part 3). This release also includes the three main choruses of the audio cassette release. It was released on. The video tape and color VHS releases were produced by Rector Studio. The video is in color and is presented in 16:9 widescreen. "Сборник весенних царских событий" (The collection of spring coronation events) contains the video game on VHS and audio cassette, as well as the music cassettes from



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Crack No Cd Pour Cossack 2 padwail

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