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TECH-Nique is working to create a world where the voices and experiences of underrepresented minorities are welcomed and celebrated in the field of technology and where members of these groups feel empowered not just to be consumers of technology, but also creators and LEADERS in the technology field.

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TECH-Nique is creating an ecosystem of support and opportunity  - after graduating from our programs, participants are invited to become part of the TECH-Nique leadership team, serving as near-peer mentors, facilitators, and role models to younger participants as they continue their foray into technology.

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Alisia McClain, Founder

TECH-nique, Inc.

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Established in 2018, TECH-Nique began programming in 2019 for 10 black students. Since then we have grown to support over 300 students while continuing to focus our efforts to create future leaders and technologists from underrepresented groups.

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