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TECH-Nique’s mission is to provide community-centric opportunities in technology that elevate the voices and experiences of underrepresented groups.


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Theory of Change

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TECH-Nique’s theory of change is implicitly communicated through every action, representation, program, and platform. It's embedded in the way we converse, our digital footprint, and our public engagements. The essence of this theory is simple yet profound: By introducing underrepresented youth to technology and leadership early on, we can transform their futures and the very fabric of the tech industry. Each training, workshop, and program is a testament to this belief, silently echoing our ambition to create a world where the tech sector is as diverse as the people it serves. This theory is not just a blueprint; it's the heartbeat of everything we do.

Train the Trainers
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Training the Trainer

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Simmons College 


TECH-Nique’s groundbreaking initiative focused on educating professors about the intersections of data science, AI, ethics, and education.

TECH-Nique's Innovative course, "Data Analytics across the Curriculum," has successfully concluded with a profound impact on 13 professors across 12 diverse content areas. Centered on the integration of data science and generative AI, the course explored crucial aspects such as ethics, biases, philosophical underpinnings of AI, and its place in education. 


This comprehensive approach has facilitated the incorporation of these themes into various course curricula, influencing over 250 students who will be learning about these vital subjects. The outcome of this course represents a significant stride in merging technology with education and fostering an understanding of the responsible use of AI.


TECH-Nique's initiative has not only advanced technological innovation in pedagogy but also emphasized the importance of social justice and ethical considerations within the realm of data analytics and AI.  Professors who successfully demonstrated the implementation of AI into their coursework received a $1000 stipend.

This program, open to all educators, explored data analytics and survey design, motivating teachers through skill-building and stipends to promote continuous learning.


20 JCPS educators learned about data analytics and effective survey design and implementation using various Microsoft software such as Excel and PowerBI. The course was designed to be accessible to all teachers, regardless of prior experience and incorporating all content areas.  This professional development came with a $1000 stipend for successful completion. This was an excellent opportunity for educators to enhance their skills, earn a stipend, and use data analytics to promote social justice in their classrooms. 



Technology Entrepreneurship to Create Change

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48 of the 60 interns that participated in TECC Boss 2023

This year, we turned our focus to promoting health equity in the Louisville community with our Health and Wellness edition. Participants worked in teams to develop entrepreneurship and technology solutions that incorporated generative AI and addressed critical health and wellness issues in Louisville.  

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Website created for health equity in Louisville by 1 of 13 groups during TECC Boss 2023

We also provided leadership opportunities for former participants to become program managers.  Shown here (L to R):  Larry Roberts, LaDaysha "Dayy" Wade, Shamia Allen, and founder Alisia McClain

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