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About The Fold

"The Fold" by TECH-Nique is not just an educational journey; it's a supportive community. Crafted exclusively for TECC Boss graduates, this initiative brings together a select cohort of 15 individuals, all coming from underrepresented groups, to embark on a transformative journey into AI and community leadership. With us, you will not only learn but also grow, succeed, and thrive with the shared enthusiasm of like-minded peers.


TECC Boss graduates with a drive to be trailblazers in AI and community advocacy.

Join the Movement
With "The Fold", you're not just learning tech; you're becoming part of a family committed to inclusive progress. Let's redefine tech's future, together.

Why Join "The Fold"?

1. Pioneering Leadership Training: Deep dive into AI, public engagement, and leadership, setting the stage for you to pioneer the next wave of tech innovations.

2. A Community of Success: "The Fold" emphasizes unity, encouragement, and mutual success. As part of a 15-person cohort, feel the strength of collective growth, backed by individual triumphs.

3. Mentorship: Every participant is paired with a mentor, ensuring personalized guidance throughout your learning journey.

4. Docurriculum Experience: Share your experiences and become part of our revolutionary docurriculum model, inspiring countless learners globally.

5. Nationwide Impact: Beyond community outreach in Louisville, your journey's essence will be encapsulated in our docurriculum, magnifying your influence across the nation and the globe.

Your Journey

  • Kickoff Weekend at Valaterra: From October 13-15, be enveloped in the serenity of Valaterra. Dive deep into bonding, training, and envisioning the future alongside board members. Engage in tech conversations, nature exploration, and sumptuous dining amidst an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared purpose.

  • Monthly In-Person Meetups: Engage with your cohort over delicious food, enriching tech discussions, and guidance from tech luminaries.

  • Community Ambassador: Spearhead tech education initiatives in venues like community centers, schools, and 'The Spot', making a tangible difference.

  • Compensation: Receive a $1,500 stipend upon successful program completion, with added paid opportunities during your journey.

What's the Commitment?

  • Time: Post the Valaterra retreat, commit 2-3 hours weekly to dive into AI. The investment might elevate during paid tech-teaching opportunities.

  • Learning & Teaching: Monthly engagements promise nourishment, camaraderie, and insights.

  • Travel: Experience the global tech arena firsthand with an all-expenses-paid tech conference attendance.

Interested in mentoring the next generation in tech?  We are looking for mentors for The Fold!  Join us!

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