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For the Game Changers ...

Engage with a diverse tech workforce

Strengthen Social causes

Leverage data/technology in unique ways

Get custom, curated programs to provide unique experiences that engage underrepresented groups in technology.

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What Makes TECH-Nique an Ideal Partner
  • We work with businesses, organizations and educators to understand what you want so we can create a unique learning experience for your young adults. 

  • We focus on underrepresented groups in technology and our staff is representative of the communities we serve.  

  • Our programs include industry-recognized credentials to prepare youth for jobs in every career pathway.

  • Our research-based approach incorporates community, identity, & sense of belonging for underrepresented groups in computer/data science.

  • We offer assistance with grant applications for our programs.


TECH-Nique uses academic research to provide technology education for the purpose of engaging underrepresented groups in computer science and continuously tracks and analyzes progress to ensure the greatest impact.


Our programs incorporate leadership development, project management, collaboration, creativity, and design with curriculum in data analytics, software development, digital marketing, and UX design for app development.

What Puts the “Unique” in TECH-Nique?

  • Curated programs. Custom tailored to meet your goals.

  • All programs are free to participants, and we strive to provide paid internships when possible.  

  • Payroll is run through our organization

  • Our award-winning technology curriculum is academically researched, curated and delivered by certified educators and researchers.  

  • Nonprofit partners are provided data and tech support through many of our programs.

  • Businesses can find interns through our program graduate directory.

Examples of Programs You Could Offer
Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 11.05.55 AM.png

All That Tech Conference was created for Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS). During the 4 day-program, rising 9th - 11th graders:

  • Explore who their are through technology

  • Use technology as a medium for expression and empowerment

  • Make personal and professional websites

  • Use robotics

  • Make a light-up circuit board

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 11.03.42 AM.png

The Butterfly Project is delivered through a partnership with University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Simmons College of Kentucky, and JCPS. Educators, students, and nonprofits participate in a four-day workshop to learn data analytics for social progress. ​Using open access data sources, participants work with community nonprofits throughout the program using data to support their efforts to address systemic inequities that directly impact their community's residents. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 11.05.55 AM.png

Data Projects Workshops were presented in partnership with the Louisville Future of Work Initiative, Metro Louisville Government and Microsoft as a way to give individuals who know how to navigate Microsoft Excel, skills in Microsoft Power BI through hands on data analytics projects. During this two-hour workshop, participants are introduced to data analytics including how to clean data and create data visualizations.​ The leave with portfolio -ready examples of their work.

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 11.02.55 AM.png

Technology Entrepreneurship to Create Change (TECC) Boss is an internship program for youth and young adults ages 16-21 to explore pathways in tech and fuel their entrepreneurial spirit to become a tech boss and change agent in their communities. TECC Boss is held in conjunction with Metro Louisville Government’s SummerWorks program through which participants receive stipends for attending our program.

Enhance current curriculum to provide accessible pathways in tech education for all students, particularly underrepresented groups 


At TECH-Nique, we understand the challenges that organizations face in providing equitable technology education for their students. Our team of certified educators and education researchers has experience in developing customized technology education solutions for students in middle school through college. They have also created Master’s level courses for educators. Clients include: Jefferson County Public Schools, University of Louisville, and Simmons College of Kentucky.


As your partner, we can work with your team to create an equity-focused technology curriculum that meets the needs of your students and aligns with your organization's values. Our team will collaborate with you every step of the way, ensuring that your organization is equipped with the resources and tools to provide accessible pathways to technology education for all students, particularly underrepresented groups.



  • Contact us to schedule a consultation with our Executive Director 

  • Discuss target audience, goals, timeline, resources and constraints

  • We will develop a customized program to meet your needs.


  • We can assist with marketing (optional)

  • We can train your staff to offer the program alone or with us. Alternatively, we can facilitate the program with no support. 

  • Implementation of program


  • We provide thorough mixed-methods analysis of the program efficacy, eliciting important feedback to give a robust report to your stakeholders.

  • We provide you with a final visualized report of the program, measuring participant demographics, satisfaction, self-efficacy, and other curated metrics developed in partnership with your organization.  



Children love the TECH-Nique coding program because lessons are collaborative and tailored to their learning style.  The instructor meets them where they are with patience and kindness.



"Under the dynamic Leadership of Alisia McClain and her team, TECH-Nique has delivered a holistic TECH and model program as a multi-year SummerWorks program partner. TECH-nique is diversifying the TECH talent pipeline with soul and setting up underserved young people in our region for in-demand career possibilities that most had not imagined."

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