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community-centric tech programs engaging the voices and experiences of underrepresented groups

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All That Tech Conference was created for Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS). During the 4 day-program, rising 9th - 11th graders:

  • Explore who their are through technology

  • Use technology as a medium for expression and empowerment

  • Make personal and professional websites

  • Use robotics

  • Make a light-up circuit board

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The Butterfly Project is delivered through a partnership with University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Simmons College of Kentucky, and JCPS. Educators, students 16 years of age+, and nonprofits participate in a four-day workshop to learn data analytics for social progress. ​Using open access data sources, participants work with community nonprofits throughout the program using data to support their efforts to address  systemic inequities that directly impact their community's residents. 

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Data Projects Workshops were presented in partnership with the Louisville Future of Work Initiative, Metro Louisville Government and Microsoft as a way to give individuals who know how to navigate Microsoft Excel, skills in Microsoft Power BI through hands on data analytics projects. During this two-hour workshop, participants are introduced to data analytics including how to clean data and create data visualizations.​ The leave with portfolio -ready examples of their work.

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Technology Entrepreneurship to Create Change (TECC) Boss is an internship program for youth and young adults ages 16-21 to explore pathways in tech and fuel their entrepreneurial spirit to become a tech boss and change agent in their communities. TECC Boss is held in conjunction with Metro Louisville Government’s SummerWorks program through which participants receive stipends for attending our program.

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