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The Youth Leader Intern is vital to the overall educational mission of TECH-Nique by ensuring quality programs and building a sense of community within the participant group.  


While also moving through the program, the youth leader intern will facilitate discussions, provide motivation, and act as a liasion between other participants and the facilitators.  

The youth leader will also keep a pulse on the members of their team, insuring that fellow participants' needs are met and that they are comfortable in their learning.  She will communicate concerns to the facilitator and program director. 

The youth leader intern will also empower others in her group to lead and facilitate discussions and lead workshops.  She will encourage and inspire the other members of her team. 

The youth leader intern has experience in technology and is excited to learn new things!

Sound like you?  Then be sure you click YES on the qustion at the bottom of your application for the TECC BOSS summer program!

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