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TECH-Nique Game Changers Course

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The TECH-Nique Game Changers Course is a unique game design program that equips students with Unity essentials while exploring personal identity and community. Students gain knowledge and practical skills in Unity, including game object manipulation, scripting, and user interface design. The culminating activity is a social change-focused video game that they create based on their own community and identity. By the end of the course, students will grasp Unity essentials and understand how games can be created using their own personal identity and community. Their work aligns with the five success skills of Prepared and Resilient Learner, Productive Collaborator, Effective Communicator, Emerging Innovator, and Globally Competent Citizen. With these capabilities, students not only have a clear path forward to continue learning Unity at their own pace, but also the ability to apply these concepts effectively in their future game development projects, leveraging the power of games to create positive social impact and foster community engagement.

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