For young women and young men ages 16 - 21
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Come earn as you learn how to be a tech boss entrepreneur and change agent!   


This summer, selected interns will work in teams to identify a need within their community that can be solved by technology, learn and deploy entrepreneurial and design skills to create a business framework around their idea, and use visual programming to design and code an app that addresses the community need. AND you'll earn as you learn!  Each intern will select from one of the following career interests:


Data Analysts help companies make sense of their data, by analyzing and presenting information to help drive business decisions.  Every business collects data, whether it's sales figures, market research, inventory, or transportation costs. A data analyst's job is to take that data and use it to help companies make better decisions.


Avg. Entry-Level Salary:


KY:  $45,000  


Digital marketers work at the intersection of creativity and strategic thinking. They help companies reach and acquire customers through digital channels, from Google search, to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Digital marketers have both creative skills to draw prospects into a brand and analytical skills to determine the right channels, messages, and campaigns.


Avg. Entry-Level Salary:


KY:  $44,000 


UX Designers research, design, and architect how we experience products and services. They are the voice of the user and advocate for the users needs while balancing business goals. UX designers conduct user research, design products and experiences, write copy, test products and present design solutions to business stakeholders. 


Avg. Entry-Level Salary:


KY: $59,000


Software Engineers use problem solving and programming skills to build and develop applications to solve business problems and meet customer needs.  There are many flavors of Software Engineer, from app and website developers, to maintainers of sophisticated networks for large companies, and everything in-between.

Avg. Entry-Level Salary:


KY:  $57,000  

Each intern will be part of two teams:

  1. Curriculum team: a team made up of interns who chose the same career interest (i.e. all of the UX designers will be in the same group) 
  2. Business team: a team made up of one UI/UX designer, one digital marketer, one data analyst, and one visual programmer. This team will work together to create an app by developing the app, discovering customers, and developing a business model canvas.

Our goal is to learn technology for the purpose of creating change in our communities. 


Space is limited, apply now!


Hard Skills

  • Visual programming

  • App prototyping/development

  • UI/UX design

  • Digital marketing

  • Data analysis

  • Customer discovery

  • Market survey development

  • Business model canvassing

  • Microsoft PowerApps

  • SQL

  • Web design

Soft Skills

  • Collaboration

  • Design-thinking

  • Creative problem-solving

  • Community empowerment

  • Technology as a medium for social change

  • Time management

  • Written and verbal communication

  • Computational thinking


Will this program be in-person or online?

This program will be a hybrid of online and in-person work.

What will each intern need in order to participate?

In order to participate in this program, each intern will need a laptop and Wi-Fi access.


TECH-Nique’s focus seems to be on African-American young women. Will you only be accepting that demographic?

TECH-Nique’s programming is based in research around what motivates young African American women to consider a career in computer science. Our programs do involve an oversampling of African-American young women, but the program is open to all demographics. 


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